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The Lovers
A stoic couple stands joined in union, looking out upon the potential waters of the future in silent acquiescence. The face floating in the water between them a glimmer of a new future waiting to be born. The shadow sides of the couple are also with them; the male is ready to dive into the new life shared, but the female is hesitant, testing the waters with her fingertips. The female's arm is hidden in her white sleeve, secretive to her true feelings, while the male unconsciously propells his shadow side into the water with his sword. The kneeling shadows look at each other for an instant over the red ritual fabric of their true selves, knowing deep down their agreement and its coming into being in this historical moment. The dove of peace hangs simultaneosly between the couple and in the clouds. The waterfall flows over with the blood and juice of flesh and plant - the fusion of opposites alchemically co-mingeling in the one - is symbolic of the future sexual union of this blessed couple with its creative potential.


"The Lovers"
Oil on canvas, 3 ft. x 5 ft., 1999.
An-Magrith Erlandsen
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