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The Page of Wands

The young and extravagant Page delivers a rolled up scroll wrapped in red ribbon for the spirit of the Wand to bless. She has travelled a long way, not only over physical terrain, but on a creative "breakthrough" level. Now her youthful vulnerability has been replaced by a strong determination for her creative idea is one that is advanced, stimulating and new, and she knows it. Her youthfulness may still be a deterrant in her quest for brilliance, becoming too passionate at the wrong times, or suffering arrogance where humbleness is more appropriate. This fiery Page has been given a gift of creation, something not to be taken lightly, and now the blessing from the elemental world, as the Hierophant-like spirit of the flame symbolizes. The Page of Wands is firmly reminded of the truth in her heart. This knowing creates a stronger will and determination to bring into physical reality her message from the gods. She is truly blessed.


"Page of Wands"
Oil on canvas, 3.6 ft. x 2 ft., 2000.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

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