The Moon
This embryonic being has woken up in the dark realm, splintered in two.. One half looks down into the black reflecting pool, while the other looks up in somber awakening to the depths of its situation. The night realm of the Moon is alive, for it draws into itself the energies of the Earth - consuming. Its ghostly beings show themselves at this hour, the stone Moon temple by day is a silvery veiled presense by night. A lone figure, standing before a doorway too narrow for it to pass through, bleeds obliviously upon a cave of skulls. The walled up doorways foment isolation, imprisonment, being shut out - Maddness locked up, not dealt with. For an intense moment the snake knows with the attack of the eagle, that there is much more to life than land-crawlers..The Moon symbolizes the passage out of such innocence.


The original of this image is oil on canvas. 5.2ft. x 3ft.. 1999. Painting and text by An-Magrith Erlandsen.
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